A Day In The Life Of An Amazon Seller: Shopping Edition

A Day In The Life Of An Amazon Seller

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I started the training to become an Amazon Seller! I learned how to sell on Amazon FBA using a method called Retail Arbitrage. Essentially, I shop at regular retail stores, scanning the shelves to find profitable items to sell on Amazon.

As an Amazon Seller, days when I am shopping for things to buy and sell are some of my favorite. They are the heart of my business, where I find the gems that will bring me the most profit. Shopping days can also be really exhausting, but it’s the kind of exhaustion that happens after you’ve really put in a solid days work. You’re tired, but also really proud and feeling accomplished.

I am still so grateful I came across retail arbitrage and selling on Amazon because it is the perfect job and small business for me! It allows me to travel, work part-time, and earn an income to support myself (and my bikini addiction)!

When we were in Texas, we were out in the country side so I had to drive a little further than I usually would to get to the stores and buy inventory. This video is probably my longest shopping day to date, I hit up something like 20 stores in 11 hours. Don’t be scared though! I normally shop for only 5-6 hours a day, once or twice a week, and this includes drive time.

Check out my video below for a glimpse into the life of an Amazon seller and what it looks like out for a day of shopping. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my YouTube for more Amazon selling videos!

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