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How to File a SAFE-T Claim

Amazon SAFE-T Claim: A Guide for Amazon Sellers

Returns are a normal part of retail business, especially in e-commerce. Just because returns are normal though, does not mean the returns process is always correct. Sometimes customers return damaged items, items that were not yours to begin with, and occasionally do not actually return the item at all. Amazon created the SAFE-T Claim to protect sellers from unjustified refunds.

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FBA Prep Center Solutions

FBA Prep Solutions: Utilizing a Prep Center and Hiring Help

Creating solutions for your Amazon FBA business are important for its efficiency and scalability. As your business grows, so do the challenges of managing inventory, prepping inventory, and fulfilling shipments. Some solutions that sellers can implement are utilizing a prep center or hiring help. Both of these solutions can save time, and allow sellers to grow their amazon selling business.

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FBA vs. FBM Which Method Is Better

FBA vs. FBM – Deciding Between the Two Fulfillment Models

Whether you are a new Amazon Seller, or a seasoned one, deciding which fulfillment method to use in your Amazon Business can be a tricky one. Everyone is always asking FBA vs. FBM, which one is better? Both are great models to have, and while every seller is different, I would argue that implementing the right mix of both is

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Amazon’s New 2024 FBA Inbound Placement Service Fee for FBA Shipments

Amazon’s fees are always changing, and increasing, and in 2024 Amazon announced their NEW 2024 FBA Inbound Placement Service Fee for FBA shipments. Here’s what it is and what it means for Retail Arbitrage sellers going forward. What is the new 2024 FBA Inbound Placement Service Fee? We all know our Amazon FBA shipments get sent, usually, to a nearby

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Income Taxes and what reports to pull

3 Amazon Reports to Pull for Income Taxes in 2024

It’s time for the annual, no-fun topic, INCOME TAX! Taxes are the least fun topic as a business owner, but if you have sold over $600 on Amazon, then it has to be reported. In today’s post, I’m covering all the different things I have learned, and answering your frequently as questions regarding Income Tax and Your Amazon Selling Business.

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Q4 Strategies

Strategies for a Successful Q4

Q4 is here and I will not stop talking about it! This is the most important time of the year for your Amazon Selling Business. If you are wondering what to do for your business in Q4, this post will help! I’m covering several sourcing strategies that I use in Q4! Why is Q4 so important? Q4 stands for the

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Amazon Bundles: How to Create, Sell, & Prep a FBA Bundle Listing

In this beginner’s guide, I’ll teach you how to create successful Amazon bundles for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) products. We’ll walk through how to list bundles on Amazon and what it takes to craft profitable bundles that stand out in the marketplace. What are Amazon Bundles For FBA Products? An Amazon product bundle is one listing with two or more

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Replens: The Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

Amazon sellers may have heard the term “Amazon replen” tossed around in retail arbitrage circles. Replens, short for “replenishment,” are the best products to sell on Amazon FBA. These hidden gems can be sold over and over again, allowing sellers to establish a stable routine of sourcing, selling, and shipping without the search for a profitable product. A frequent new

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How to Get Ungated On Amazon: Easy FBA Seller Ungating Guide & Service

Are you a seller facing restrictions in some brands and categories and wondering how to get ungated on Amazon? In this article, we’ll break down the process of getting ungated on Amazon and introduce you to my Ungating Guides—an valuable resource for navigating this challenging journey. When I started my Facebook BOLO group, it was apparent that members were frustrated

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