After being a part of the Amazon Selling Community for almost 8 years, and working in the e-commerce field for over 14, I know the unique challenges you face as an Amazon Seller. While I have shared so much information on YouTube and in the Your Selling Guide Facebook groups, I know personalized guidance can have a huge impact on your business.  

Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale your business to new heights, I have a coaching option that will work for you. From small group settings to one-on-one packages, I am here to help you succeed on Amazon. Check them out below, and let’s grow together!

One On One Coaching

Get personalized coaching specific to you and your needs! Schedule a 30 Minute Call, or Select to Bundle and get multiple coaching calls. These calls are specific to you, so they can be about anything – Growing your Amazon Selling business, things you are struggling with, or your goals and how to reach them!

Personalized and Group Coaching with Nikki Kirk

Small Group Coaching

One on One coaching isn’t for everyone – and sometimes we learn better in small groups. Every few months, I host a small group for Amazon Business coaching!

The Amazon Seller Coaching Group is a month-long group with tailored topics that YOU are looking for help with. There are weekly themes that I break down daily with videos and posts, plus weekly calls where we dive in further.

The weekly calls typically run a few hours, and are open format – so in addition to learning about specific topics that week, I open the floor for all of your Amazon questions! 

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