BOLO Group

Have you ever thought: “How do I know what to buy?” or “Everything is restricted! What can I sell?”

You are not alone. It’s a question I asked a lot myself when I was starting out. Especially when it seems like everything you scan is coming up restricted!

These questions and struggles are why I decided to create the Retail Arbitrage BOLO group!

Hear from other sellers just like yourself, you do not have to feel totally alone in your Amazon business. I started this group to help sellers figure out what to buy, to help them find new places to source, new products to sell, and make big profits on Amazon!

Not Just Another BOLO Group

This group is interactive, helpful, and encouraging. You are able to talk to other sellers, just like yourself and receive helpful answers and feedback. It has quickly become a support group in addition to sharing profitable leads!

Get the answers to your questions, stop endlessly scanning hoping to find the right product, and learn from others as you grow your Amazon business.

Not only that, but you’ll receive access to all 3 of my US Ungating Guides – included in your membership!

I’m in the group daily, providing regular answers to questions about all areas of Amazon selling. I genuinely love helping other Amazon Sellers and through the Retail Arbitrage BOLO Group we can all grow our businesses and stop feeling stuck and alone.

Save Hours of Dead-End Scanning

BOLO means Be-On-the-Lookout and the BOLO list provides your shopping trips with more focus. Instead of mindlessly scanning just to leave empty-handed, you’ll have access to a list of profitable items to look for every week, with hot buys from specific stores listed as group members go shopping.

Every member shares at least one item they find in stores or online every month, which gives you a solid list of items to save time while sourcing more efficiently. Why waste time scanning endlessly?

BOLO Group Testimonial
BOLO Group Testimonial
BOLO Group Testimonial
BOLO Group Testimonial

Access the group and find items to look for today!

For a low monthly subscription, you’ll start immediately seeing items that can provide substantial profits in every unit. Finding just one BOLO lead can cover your entire monthly subscription, but because I want these resources to be available to new sellers, I’ve kept my subscription rates low.

Similar groups or lead lists that are sent to thousands of sellers are available, but unlike bots that scan websites and produce a report, this involves real sellers sharing their best finds with you in real time.

As I shop every week, I’m posting BOLOs from the stores I visit as well. Once you’ve seen what the rest of the group is sharing, you’ll find new places and things to source.

Benefits of being a BOLO Group Member

When you subscribe to my BOLO Group, you'll get instant access to lists of leads and strong support for your business:
  • All 3 US Ungating Guides included with membership.
  • Members share at least one BOLO monthly.
  • Every BOLO profits $5+ with a rank under 150,000K or lower in Amazon Best Seller Categories.
  • Leads are compiled monthly into a shared Google sheet, easy to use in-store.
  • Community of sellers you can learn and grow with.
  • Shopping tips, pricing strategies, holiday buying lists and more.
  • Special discounts and deals on other Amazon resources for group members only.

BOLO Group Requirements

For every 30-day billing cycle, you must share one BOLO that meets these requirements:
  • You can’t be restricted from selling it.
  • Must rank at or lower than 150,000 in any main category.
  • Minimum of 50% ROI and $5 profit at shelf price.
  • Can’t be a clearance purchase, because they’re harder for others to source.
  • Amazon can’t be selling it when you scan it.
  • Has to be a recent find, within the last 30 days.

Note For New Sellers

My BOLO Group is very helpful, but you shouldn’t join until you’ve got an Amazon selling account established and you’ve been on a scanning trip at least one time. The group is open anytime, so join when you’re ready. If you’ve got a limited amount of capital to start your business, I suggest starting with the topical & grocery ungating, and then joining the BOLO group.

Due to the nature of the group you will be removed at the time you cancel.

Your membership renews every month at the original rate for as long as you remain a member, and you can cancel at any point through your Kajabi account.

As a new member, you must share your first BOLO within 2 weeks of joining. 

Failure to share at least one BOLO every 30-day billing cycle will result in removal from the group and membership cancellation. Because of the group’s nature, no refunds are provided.


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