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Hey! I’m Nikki Kirk.

I’m a digital nomad traveling around the United States in my Grand Design Fifth Wheel RV.

I’m obsessed with all things retail and I turned $700 into a six-figure Amazon selling business.

And now I’m teaching you other sellers how they can create their own freedom through selling on Amazon, just like I did!
Nikki Kirk Traveling in RV

Work With Me

Nikki Kirk


Do you have a tool or service you think Amazon Retail Arbitrage sellers need to have in their tool kit? I’d love to hear how you’d like to team up and let them know about it! 

I’m not into fake and phony and I only promote things I believe in and in most cases use myself. How can we work together to make your dream partnership come true? 

To get your product or service lined up for a collaboration, please email: [email protected] and include the product or service and how it can help retail arbitrage or online arbitrage sellers specifically. Please outline what you envision for the sponsorship. 

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!