Meet Nikki

Hey! I’m Nikki Kirk.

I’m a digital nomad traveling around the United States in my RV, running my Amazon business from the road and teaching other sellers how they can create their own freedom through selling on Amazon.

Shortly before quitting my Los Angeles, California desk job and hitting the road to travel full-time, I had heard about people who were able to earn a living by selling on Amazon. When using Amazon FBA, or Fulfilled by Amazon, people are replacing their incomes from ‘regular’ jobs and even doubling and tripling it!

Having worked in the ecommerce field and with past experience selling some old textbooks on Amazon, I had the benefit of already being familiar with Amazon’s selling platform. That being said, I didn’t know you could do it as a full-time income-producing gig to replace regular income.

When I initially decided to leave my job to travel, I’d already worked in a field that could be done remotely and knew that I could work from the road, which was how I’d be able to make my travels possible. I needed to be earning money while traveling, so I set out to find a job in the ecommerce and affiliate marketing space. However, while I was searching for jobs that I could do on the road, I quickly realized it was not something I WANTED to do.

The whole idea for this RV lifestyle for me was to break out of the normal, expected routines and really find out what I am passionate about and work towards making money doing that. That was not going to happen if I was still stuck doing a job that I wasn’t passionate about. I had to find something different so that I could enjoy life instead of just being stuck doing a job I hated to pay the bills.

Nikki Kirk

Since I love to shop, making money through something called Retail Arbitrage was an easy fit for me! I started in August of 2017 with an investment of $700 and in December of that year I’d made back in profit (my new salary) what I was making at that old desk job! This seemed like a great way for me to combine my love of shopping with the solution I needed to stay on the road, seeing the country.

If you know anything about me, it’s that I love to share the hacks that I’ve found in life, whether it has to do with getting in shape or finding a great source of income. Naturally, I had to tell others about Amazon Retail Arbitrage and help them get started with their own Amazon selling businesses!

I’m still on the road, and enjoying every minute of it, with amazing opportunities in life and shopping on a regular basis. Today I am truly doing what I love, helping people create freedom and change their own lives through selling on Amazon. Can I help you find your new passion and adventure in life? Absolutely!