Online Arbitrage: Sell On Amazon FBA Without Leaving Your House!

How You Can Sell On Amazon FBA Without Ever Leaving Your House!

Last week I sent in an online arbitrage shipment to Amazon that will profit me over $1850. I never physically touched the products and I didn’t spend the better part of the day prepping the shipment. In fact, I worked from the pool!

Sounds too good to be true right? I wish I had done this a lot sooner. In fact, because I decided to put sightseeing first, there were two months in the last year when I hardly made any income.

When you do traditional Retail Arbitrage, you make what you put into the business. So the months I am shopping weekly, I have profits coming in weekly.

But there are times and places I want to travel and see (like the Grand Canyon!) that don’t have stores nearby and so I take the hit to live the experience.  It’s all a part of the lifestyle I’ve chosen and love to do.


I wish I hadn’t been so scared and made this transition to incorporate online arbitrage a lot sooner. I am a normal human, fearing change and the unknown. I know how to shop, I know how to pack up the shipments, I’ve got that part down flat.

But to really have a business that works when I am not, I needed to outsource some parts, like the shipment process. That’s where online arbitrage has been a game changer.

There are tons of prep centers around the country that know how Amazon FBA works. They will inspect, package, and prep your items for you and send them off to Amazon. In fact, even if you are doing traditional retail arbitrage, you can send your items to them and they will do all the preparing and packing.

My most recent business breakthrough happened when I moved towards purchasing items online and having them shipped right to the prep center!

The prep center inspects everything, puts my labels on them, and packs it all up. Then they send me the shipment details and I do everything in my seller account just as I would if I had the products on hand. I send them the shipping labels and then it’s off to Amazon and I watch the sales roll in!

profit photo

Like I mentioned above, this past week, I sent a shipment into Amazon FBA that should profit me over $1800! I’m beyond excited that I now have more time for other things, like creating videos and exploring all the places I visit, and less time spent in stores scanning.

By adding in this model I don’t have to worry if I’m not near stores or worse, if I am, but not finding anything worth selling. With Online Arbitrage, everything is always open! I mean really, if you scan in stores and find awesome product, why not see if it’s also available online and grab more of it?!

Best yet, this whole part of the process is included in the Beginner FBA Course. Even if you don’t want or need to use a prep center, adding Online Arbitrage to your Retail Arbitrage is a must. I wish I had spent more time doing it from the start!

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