Important Amazon Poly Bag Requirements for FBA Packaging

It’s important to follow Amazon FBA packing requirements, including Amazon poly bag requirements. When retail arbitrage sellers start out, they have a lot of questions about how to pack for Amazon FBA, and when it’s required to use a poly bag. If you follow a few simple rules, Amazon poly bag requirements are relatively straightforward. Using poly bags makes both Amazon and your customers happy, and keep your seller reviews high.

Poly Bag: Amazon FBA Packaging​

A poly bag is a clear, plastic bag that closes with a self-sealing adhesive. You might recognize them from when you purchase items online yourself, especially clothing. Amazon poly bag requirements serve two main purposes: 1) to keep the products clean and in good condition during transit and at the warehouse and 2) to ensure that all components of a product or bundle stay together.

Amazon Poly Bag Requirements

Amazon does not require a specific type of poly bag, but it is Amazon poly bag policy that a suffocation warning label must be on the bag. You can either purchase a poly bag with the warning already printed on it, or you can put a suffocation warning label sticker on the bag.

I mainly use these poly bags from Spartan Industries for my Amazon FBA packaging. I used to pack with the Uline Amazon FBA poly bags. However, I found that those bags are repositionable. I had cases of the bag opening and product falling out before it reached the customer.

Since then, I have used the Spartan Industries bags. In my experience they are not repositionable, have a more secure seal, and already have the suffocation warning printed on the bag. They definitely meet the Amazon poly bag requirements.

I use six different sizes of poly bags, four smaller sizes and two larger sizes. The larger bags I use less often, usually for backpacks and larger toys. You should be able to rely on the poly bag’s seal most of the time, but if you’re not sure, you can always extra secure the bag with tape, adhesive seal sticker, or a label sticker.

Another item I use during Amazon FBA packaging are these round, clear wafer seals. I especially use these on beauty products. This prevents products from opening, and makes it clear to the customer that the product is new and has never been used. I place them on the top and bottom of the packaging seam.

A common question is whether to put the product label on the item or the poly bag. I almost always put the label on the product, so it is still there if for some reason the poly bag falls off. The exception to this is clothes and bundles. In those cases, I usually put the label on the poly bag.

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When to Polybag & How to Pack For Amazon FBA

These are the main rules to meeting the Amazon poly bag requirements:

If any part of the product is not inside packaging, it must be poly bagged

If you can touch any part of the product, it needs to be put into a poly bag. So for example, if a product is already entirely enclosed in a box or plastic, Amazon poly bag requirements do not apply. However, items that are “open” such as clothing, kitchen utensils, plush toys, etc. need to be put in a poly bag.

One of the Amazon poly bag requirements to be especially aware of is toys or clothes where a small “sample” part of the box is open. Since you can touch even part of the product, it needs to be put in a poly bag.

If any part of the product can become unattached, it should be poly bagged

A good example of this is a product that’s wrapped in plastic, but the cardboard label is wrapped around the plastic and could slide off. Even though I cannot touch the product, I will still put this item in a poly bag to prevent any separation of its components.

Alternatively, you can use those round, clear stickers to prevent components from becoming unattached.

Any bundles should be poly bagged

To ensure bundles are not separated, I will place each component of the bundle into a poly bag, then put a “this is a set, do not separate” sticker on the bag. This is important, even if all parts of the bundle are fully packaged.

When in doubt, use a poly bag

My best advice for following Amazon’s poly bag policy, is if you’re not sure, then put it in a poly bag. It is never incorrect to use a poly bag. It is only incorrect if you fail to use one when you’re supposed to. “Over” poly bagging might cost you a bit more in materials, but it is worthwhile for the customer satisfaction and good standing with Amazon.

Examples: Which Items Should Be Poly Bagged for Amazon?

Here are some common items that cause confusion on Amazon’s poly bag policy:

amazon poly bag requirements bottle

Bottle of self-tanning lotion

Do I poly bag it? Yes. The product’s top does not have a seal, so I poly bag it to make it clear that it’s unused and to prevent messy leaks in transit. Alternatively, a beauty product in a jar with a seal, I am less likely to poly bag. I decide whether to use a poly bag on bottles and jars, depending on whether it has a seal.

amazon poly bag requirements shoebox


Do I poly bag it? No. Instead, I use label stickers to seal the box and prevent it from opening. However, you can poly bag it if you prefer.

amazon poly bag requirements toys


Do I poly bag it? No. 95% of the time, toys are already fully enclosed in a package. However, if part of the box is open, then you need to poly bag it.

amazon poly bag requirements books


Do I poly bag it? No. A poly bag is not required, but you can poly bag it if you prefer.

amazon poly bag requirements clothes


Do I poly bag it? Yes. Unless the clothing is already completely packaged in plastic, they usually require a poly bag.

amazon poly bag requirements bundle


Do I poly bag it? Yes. I always poly bag bundles to keep the items together.

amazon poly bag requirements lint roller

Lint Roller

Do I poly bag it? Yes. Even though the sticky part is packaged, I can touch part of the product, so I poly bag it.

Remember - if you are not sure, just poly bag it! It is never incorrect to poly bag an item.

Learn More About Amazon FBA Poly Bag Requirements

I hope that helped! For a more visual demonstration of this topic, check out the video version of this post. If you’re getting started with Amazon selling and want to learn more about the ins and outs from an expert, check out my Beginner FBA Course.

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