Amazon Seller Success: Nichole W.

Hey all and welcome to another Amazon Seller Success Spotlight! I’ve been selling on Amazon myself for five years now and through it all, I’ve shared my journey, including the successes, mistakes, and random thing’s I’ve learned along the way.

I am a firm believer in the motivation and inspiration you get from seeing someone else succeed as they make their way in business. This week I am excited to highlight a fellow Amazon seller who recently celebrated her first full year on Amazon!

Just about anyone can get started and make this business a success for themselves. As I always say, if I can do it, anyone can do it! If you want personal and step-by-step help from me to get your own Amazon business up and running, take the Beginner FBA Course today!

Meet Amazon Seller: Nichole W.

“Today marks exactly one year since my first sale!  I started Amazon on a whim after leaving my Speech Language Pathologist job in the hospital during COVID. I came across Nikki’s videos and was hooked. She made me feel like I could actually do this! Thank you, Nikki Kirk, for giving me hope during a dark time.

Somehow, I hit $100,000 in October. I also took the entire months of November, December, and three weeks of August off last year and didn’t have the Q4 I’d wanted. But I knew that since I’d already achieved my first big goal, anything was possible.

After a rough Q4, I’ve had a tough climb back. Depleted of inventory and time, my 2022 hasn’t been easy. However, I am more committed than ever to making this work and I hope I can hustle back to having $20,000+ months. I love the bolo group and appreciate everyone’s work to share great leads!”

First Year as an Amazon Seller

Now with just over a year under her belt, Nichole has sold over $140,000 on Amazon and has even had a couple of $20,000 sales months! 

Even after taking over two months off, Nichole has been scaling her business which quickly started taking over her house! She shares that her husband recently converted their unused boat garage into a workspace for her! 

She now has an entire space dedicated to listing products, prepping, packing, and shipping all in one home office. She has both heat and air conditioning as well as a TV to keep her company while she works. “It has completely transformed the way I work.” Her husband completed this when he realized – this business works!

Nichole is a current member of the BOLO Group and this is what she has to say about it. “I love the group and appreciate everyone’s work to share great leads!” 

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