Amazon FBA Meltable Inventory – 3 Easy Ways To Check If Your Item Is Meltable

Is It Meltable?

Summer is quickly approaching and that means….it’s meltable season at Amazon! The number one question being asked right now is “Is this meltable?” While Amazon has a list of SKUs, sometimes items that are meltable might not be on it or they somehow made it past their filtering system and while technically you can send them in FBA, you probably shouldn’t.

 According to Amazon: “Meltable” refers to all heat-sensitive products, including but not limited to chocolate, gummies, and select jelly- and wax-based products. Products in Amazon fulfillment centers must meet quality standards during the summer months (75 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature range is set to protect product integrity during product storage and shipping.

So while you are sourcing, how will you know if an item is meltable? Here are a few ways you can check.

1. Look up the ASIN on Amazon’s meltable spreadsheet here:

2. Use your IP Alert app! This is what I am doing every time I go sourcing. When you have IP Alert on your chrome browser you also get a license to use it on your phone. When you scan an item and you are concerned it’s meltable, head over to IP Alert and input the ASIN. It’ll not only tell you if that ASIN is safe to sell from an IP standpoint but also if it’s meltable! Hands down the easiest way to look up an item in-store.

3. Once you have the item at home, you can use your RevSeller chrome plug-in to see if the item is meltable as well. Just look for the red “melt” at the top right corner.

4. Create a ‘test’ shipment with the item and see if Amazon allows you to send it in, if you don’t see this – they are not meltable!
As I mentioned, just because something isn’t technically meltable on Amazon’s side, if you think or know it will not make it in a shipping truck on an 80-degree day, don’t send it in. Instead – try FBM! You can make a huge profit by FBMing items during the meltable summer months. Don’t let yourself think people won’t pay X for something, they do!

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