Amazon Seller Success – The Snow Family

Welcome to a new Amazon Seller Success Story! This week I am excited to highlight Jason and Elizabeth Snow, who recently completed their first-quarter selling on Amazon! Jason and Elizabeth are fellow Amazon sellers from the #YSGCommunity, who have been great members of the BOLO group since April 2022, here is their story.

Meet Amazon Sellers: Jason and Elizabeth Snow

Jason and Elizabeth started their Amazon business in February 2022. Elizabeth currently works full-time in a doctor’s office and sources with Jason in her time off. Jason meanwhile, sources full-time and together they are a full-time team selling on Amazon. 

“Jason and I, Elizabeth, have never owned a business before selling on Amazon. We are a blended family, Jason and I got married in June of 2021. We have a son who is 13 and starting his football career while also playing in his middle school band as a saxophone player!

As of June 2nd, 2022 we obtained our LLC. Jason has a Bachelors in psychology and graduated from MTSU. I currently am studying at MTSU for Health Administration.

Jason and I plan to make selling on Amazon our forever career and become wildly successful at it. His background in factory and quality work and my background in business and retail make us a pretty good team when it comes to sourcing products for our business.”

A Successful First Quarter

This screenshot shows Jason and Elizabeth’s sales to date. As you can see, even though they’ve just recently started, their numbers are amazing and speak volumes! They attribute a good portion of their success to the BOLO Group, which they have been members of since April 2022.

When asked what big or small victory have you celebrated? Jason and Elizabeth responded, “A small victory would be our first sale on Amazon, but our biggest victory to date is having our first month of $10,000 in sales!”

I also asked Jason and Elizabeth what their future outlook was for their Amazon business. “Our future hope is to build a wholesale portfolio and do Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage as a ‘side hustle’.”

Just about anyone can get started and make this business a successful one for themselves. As I always say, if I can do it, anyone can do it! 

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