Strategies for a Successful Q4

Q4 Strategies
Q4 is here and I will not stop talking about it! This is the most important time of the year for your Amazon Selling Business. If you are wondering what to do for your business in Q4, this post will help! I’m covering several sourcing strategies that I use in Q4!

Why is Q4 so important?

Q4 stands for the fourth quarter, which includes the months of October, November, and December. It’s holiday time – people are shopping and things are flying off the shelf! This is the time our Amazon businesses thrive! In 2022, I had a massive goal for Q4 of doing $100,000 gross, and profiting at least $30,000! I ended that quarter with $168,000 in sales and over $44,000 in profit! I thought my goal was crazy that year, but I surpassed it! That’s why this time is so important for our businesses – We should capitalize on the insane jump in shopping and spending this time of year. My goal for 2023 is to exceed both those numbers. I recommend setting a goal for yourself as well!

My Q4 Strategies


Q4 is just like every other quarter – but busier! Do not stop doing all the things you do throughout the year! Instead, you’ll be adding new strategies to your normal routine.


The top tip I recommend is scanning everything early and often! Retailers set out holiday items far in advance – before their customers are ready, or even thinking about buying for the holiday. Remember to think like a retailer and not a customer. Scan everything as soon as you see it popping up in the store, even the generic brand holiday items, and start listing your holiday items early.

Let’s break down the rest of my Q4 Strategies and get you ready for an amazing (and hopefully profitable!) end of the year!

Discover my Q4 Strategies for Selling on Amazon
Top Tip: Scan Everything

Strategies for Halloween Items

If we are talking about Halloween items we can’t forget to talk about meltables! Amazon extended meltable season to October 15th. Any Halloween candy should be sent FBM to avoid any issues. If you wait to send until October 16th, you run the risk of it not getting to your customer in time. If you haven’t started utilizing FBM, Q4 is a great time to start! The different holiday cutoff times for FBA can cut into your business, so I highly recommend considering FBM.

Strategies for November

Immediately following Halloween, customers are thinking about Thanksgiving! Don’t sleep on Thanksgiving! Make sure your Thanksgiving specific items are ready for them early – think kitchen and entertaining items! Don’t forget about items like napkins, paper plates, cutlery and table decor. 


Another November tip – Black Friday Sales aren’t the best. Stores use this weekend and the culture built around it to prey on customers. I’ve noticed many retailers have better sales in October and early November. This is where it’s super important to think and purchase like a retailer, not a customer, during Q4. We want to take advantage of any deals we can, as soon as we can. 

Strategies for December and Holiday Shopping

Once Black Friday hits, Christmas shopping season has begun! Lots of research shows that the majority of holiday shopping is done two weeks before Christmas! Last minute shoppers are most likely shopping on Amazon – which is music to our ears! 


A major tip I have is to have as much stock as possible during Q4. If you are selling through everything by November, you’ll really hinder your December sales. December is always my best month, followed closely by November, and then by October. So remember, you need to have as much stock as you possibly can in December! 


Another question that comes up a lot is ‘When should you stop sending toys in?’ NEVER. Toys sell year round, never stop sending those in! 

Toys are profitable and sellable all year long

More Q4 Strategies and Resources

Buy the Q4 Guide

In my Retail Arbitrage Guide to Q4, I go even more in depth about selling and sourcing during Q4! This comprehensive guide is designed to optimize your selling strategy for every major Q4 holiday. Here’s what you’ll discover:

Retail Arbitrage Guide to Q4

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The YSG BOLO Group

Have you joined a BOLO Group yet? This can be a great resource during Q4!

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Ready to Rock Q4? Text Me!!

There you have it! Those are my strategies for a successful Q4 selling on Amazon! Have more questions? Don’t forget – you can text me now! Send your questions in a text to (503) 461-5985 – and yes! It’s really me answering! Happy Selling!

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