Use Amazon FBA Facebook Groups & Find the Best Sources For Retail Arbitrage

Amazon sellers always have the same question: ‘What are the best sources for retail arbitrage finds?’ When I was a new seller, that was my question too, so I went down the rabbit hole of Amazon FBA Facebook groups to find sourcing lists and tips.

There were plenty of retail arbitrage Facebook groups, but none fit my criteria for profitability and mutual support. When I started to create YouTube videos, it was again the number one question new sellers had ‘Nikki, but what exactly are you buying and selling?’ So I decided to start my own Amazon seller group, and that’s how the BOLO Group was formed.

The Your Selling Guide BOLO Group was my first community for Amazon sellers. It’s still the solution I’m the most proud of. 

We’ve helped hundreds of retail arbitrage sellers spend less time making more money. I especially love the helpful and supportive community we’ve fostered. There’s a reason why the Your Selling Guide BOLO group is my own best source for retail arbitrage buys.

So what exactly is a BOLO group, and how can Amazon FBA Facebook groups transform how you source? I’ll break it down here so you can decide if Amazon seller groups are right for you and your retail arbitrage business.

What is an Amazon FBA BOLO Group?

BOLO stands for Be On the LookOut.

An Amazon FBA BOLO group is a community where retail arbitrage sellers exchange leads for product listings that will sell at a high-profit margin on Amazon.

A BOLO group usually takes place on a social media or community platform, and members are expected to contribute leads to receive leads from other members.

Amazon FBA Facebook Groups Can Help Find the Best Sources Retail Arbitrage
Amazon FBA Facebook Groups Can Help Find the Best Sources Retail Arbitrage

Why Amazon Seller Groups Provide The Best Sources for Retail Arbitrage

Sourcing for retail arbitrage is time-consuming. You can spend hours scanning in clearance aisles or walk into a store with a plan to look for specific items.

There is no shortage of retail arbitrage sourcing lists being sold or given away to boost a creator’s views. Believe me, I have tested many of the top retail arbitrage online sourcing lists myself.

However, most of the leads on these free, public, or retail arbitrage sourcing lists are duds. Too many sellers have access to those leads. Therefore, many sellers list the product when the list is shared, and the price immediately tanks.

Good retail arbitrage Facebook groups are specifically designed to bypass that problem.

Is Nikki Kirk’s BOLO Amazon FBA Facebook Group Right For You?

I started selling on Amazon while traveling in an RV. During that time, I was sharing how I was making money on the road on Instagram.

Those posts sparked so much conversation with new sellers in my inbox. I wanted to provide a way for all these sellers to talk to and help each other. That’s why I started my BOLO retail arbitrage group on Facebook in May 2019. Since then, it has grown tremendously.

How is the BOLO Group Different From Other Amazon FBA Facebook Groups?

I wanted my BOLO group to contain the best sources for retail arbitrage. I also wanted to ensure it was a welcoming environment I would enjoy being a part of myself.

After trying other Amazon FBA Facebook groups, here are the unique features I put in place to set my retail arbitrage group apart:

Group Access Price

I wanted my retail arbitrage group to be at an accessible price point so new sellers could afford to join. My BOLO group is half the cost of the next least expensive Amazon seller group.

Helpful Resource

Successful Amazon FBA selling is about more than just leads. I wanted my retail arbitrage group to be a resource to answer questions and find solutions to specific challenges.

Supportive Community

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced rude people in Facebook groups. My group attracts a kind community, happy to help other sellers succeed. We moderate our Amazon seller group to keep it that way.

Limited Membership

What’s the point of sharing retail arbitrage leads if they’re just going to tank in the price? We carefully limit the number of members per group to ensure that everyone can profit from the retail arbitrage sourcing list. The products shared in our group hold their value.

Profitable & Attainable Leads

To ensure our community members’ efforts are profitable, we set strict requirements for any shared retail arbitrage lead:

  • The lead’s profit must be at least $5 (excluding sales tax)
  • The category rank must be 150 or less
  • You cannot share leads that you are restricted from selling yourself

Mutual Contributions

We require that every member shares one viable retail arbitrage leader per month. That keeps the BOLOs continually fresh, and it’s a pretty small ask in exchange for a retail arbitrage sourcing list that contains hundreds of great leads!

Does the Group Include Retail Arbitrage Online Sourcing Leads?

Yes! Our community members work with all kinds of retail arbitrage, so they will share online sourcing leads and brick-and-mortar retail sourcing leads.

Is An Amazon Sellers Facebook Group Good For Beginner Sellers?

Even if you are a brand new Amazon seller restricted in many categories, this Amazon FBA Facebook group will still set you up for success.

We even run a thread specifically for new members with all the categories and best places to source for retail arbitrage when you are still gated in many categories.

Every new seller in my group has found great leads to share with the group and is benefiting from FBA retail arbitrage sources.

Can Anyone Join Amazon FBA Groups, Regardless of Their Location?

No matter where you are in the United States, the shared sources for retail arbitrage will include stores in your region. Some BOLO leads are sourced from regional stores, but most are for national chains, like Walmart, Target, TJMaxx, and HomeGoods.

However, if you are not located in the USA, I would not recommend this group because you aren’t likely to have access to the same retail stores as American Amazon FBA sellers.

What Are the Differences Between Nikki’s Amazon FBA Facebook Groups?

Ready to Join the Best Amazon FBA Facebook Groups?

My BOLO group and everything I do for Your Selling Guide aim to make retail arbitrage easier and more profitable for the Amazon seller community. If you’re ready to learn the best sources for retail arbitrage, join us!

Here’s why Amazon sellers just like you love the group:

Still have questions about retail arbitrage Facebook groups? Check out the video version of this article:

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