My Favorite Supplies for Selling on Amazon – 12 Best Retail Arbitrage Supplies and Software

Supplies for Selling on Amazon

It is the end of the year, and I am doing a supply restock and taking advantage of some last minute tax deductions while I can! The great thing about selling on Amazon, is its minimal start up costs and the fact that you don’t need many supplies or expensive software to get started. But, if you are branching into FBM or scaling your FBA business, certain supplies and software can really help you level up and optimize your time and profit! And who doesn’t want more time or money – right?

So, what am I shopping for at the end of year? Below are 12 of my favorite supplies for selling on Amazon! These range from simple tools and packing supplies, to softwares that help me scale my business and forecast profits. 

Remember, purchasing any tools, supplies, or software for your Amazon selling business is tax-deductible! 


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12 Supplies for Selling on Amazon - My Go-To Supplies and Software

I have been selling on Amazon since 2017, and I’ve tried all the tools and software! These are my top twelve most used supplies for selling on Amazon. The tools I continue to buy, and the softwares I stay subscribed to. 

Retail Arbitrage Tools and Packing Supplies

While it may not be the most glamorous, this little tool is an absolute must! Using the right size boxes can cut your shipping costs dramatically! And while this one might be a bit cheaply made, this tool has makes cutting down both FBA and FBM boxes a breeze!

If you don’t already have one, the Rollo Thermal Printer should be top of your list to add to your supplies! Not only is it a must-have (in my opinion!), but you can get FREE labels from UPS – so it not only saves you on ink and toner, but on shipping labels in the long run too!

Rollo Printer and Shipping Label

This is an absolute MUST-HAVE supply for selling on Amazon – we go through so many! Right now is a great time to stock up, and add that receipt to the write off pile! My go-to polybag brand is Spartan Industrial, which I get on Amazon. They stay stuck! This was a big problem I had when I first started out, so now I only use this brand!




After years of using a corded UPC Scanner, I finally bought a cordless UPC Scanner, and boy it makes a difference! I am moving into a new office and packing area, and going cordless makes moving around so much faster and easier! 

Cordless UPC Scanner

I recommend keeping black labels on hand to cover up any of those printed on store prices!

Yep! While this one clearly won’t be a tax deduction, this is a must! You can get FREE shipping supplies for your Amazon Selling business. I wrote a blog post detailing step by step how to do this!

Retail Arbitrage Digital Products and Software

IP Alert is one of the most helpful Amazon FBA software tools! Especially because it seems like there have been a lot of issues with this in the community lately from beauty brands, especially. With IP Alert you can enter in an ASIN or Brand name and it alerts you if the brand has a history of sending sellers Amazon IP complaints. It’s available as a web app and Chrome extension. It also has a feature to alert you of meltable items during the summer months!

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If you have followed me for awhile, you already know – I love Sellerboard. This Amazon Seller software breaks down profit by product, forecasts potential profit by month, tracks how close you are to business goals, and makes it clear how much money you’re making overall. These numbers provide peace of mind and direction for your business! I call that a must-have!

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Inventory Lab makes your Amazon FBA Shipments a breeze! If you haven’t used it yet, you might not realize just how much faster you could be doing your shipments from Buy Lists that import in seconds to box contents so you don’t have to upload into Amazon what is in every box.

Inventory Lab also keeps me on track for my Amazon Selling financial goals. I always know my exact inventory costs, values, and quantities. I can also break down my profitability by SKU, supplier, and category. Super Helpful Tool that I HIGHLY recommend!

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Of course I’m going to recommend the YSG BOLO Group in my must have supplies for selling on Amazon! Up your game in 2024 by joining the YSG BOLO Group! When you subscribe to my BOLO Group, you’ll get instant access to lists of leads and strong support for your business:

  • Members share at least one BOLO monthly.
  • Every BOLO profits $5+ with a rank under 150,000K or lower in Amazon Best Seller Categories.
  • Leads are compiled monthly into a shared Google sheet, easy to use in-store.
  • Community of sellers you can learn and grow with.
  • Shopping tips, pricing strategies, holiday buying lists and more.
  • Special discounts and deals on other Amazon resources for group members only.
Plus – the membership is a write off for your business! 

The Keepa Premium Version is probably my number one, must-have in this supplies for selling on Amazon list. It saves me from making bad buys every time I source, so it pays for itself in just one sourcing trip. 

Keepa is one of the best amazon selling tools

The Keepa chrome extension shows you the Amazon sales rank chart and historical pricing data right on the product page. I find Keepa especially handy if a scan seems too good to be true. You can see the sales rank over time, and the number of sales and offers for each item. This data is especially helpful for pricing seasonal items. Keepa tracks pricing data for over 2 billion products and counting, so I think it’s one of the top retail arbitrage tools for any seller.

Remove those dreaded restrictions from your account and get access to sell some of the most profitable products and brands on Amazon. I created ungating guides for three of the most relevant product categories: toys, topical & grocery, and premium brands. After you learn the step-by-step process in these ebooks, you can ask questions & get more tips from myself and other sellers in the included Facebook groups. These high profit products make up 70% of my inventory and are honestly my key to earning six figures in profit. Ungating is the fastest way to ramp up your profit, so these guides will pay for themselves in no time!



Note: This article contains affiliate links

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