Replens: The Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

Amazon sellers may have heard the term “Amazon replen” tossed around in retail arbitrage circles. Replens, short for “replenishment,” are the best products to sell on Amazon FBA.

These hidden gems can be sold over and over again, allowing sellers to establish a stable routine of sourcing, selling, and shipping without the search for a profitable product.

A frequent new seller question is how to find a replen. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the concept of Amazon FBA replens, uncover their advantages, and explore how to use Amazon FBA product research to build profit.

What is an Amazon Replen?

An Amazon replen is simply an item you sell repeatedly or “replenish.” Unlike one-time products, replens allow you to establish a steady income stream, making them highly coveted by sellers.

The secret to replen success is finding the best Amazon FBA products that sellers can consistently source and maintain stable profits over time.

Just like regular Amazon FBA products, scan items, see if they are profitable, and ship them to Amazon. However, with a replen item, you can just repeat the process without searching for a new profitable product from scratch.

Why are Replens the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA?

Due to their consistent demand and profitability, Amazon replens are the bread and butter of the retail arbitrage world. They make business easier, enabling you to follow a proven formula of sourcing, selling, and shipping the same items.

Sellers can use strategies to build reliable Amazon replens and create a stable foundation for their business. That’s why replens are the best products to sell on Amazon FBA.

Some sellers have managed to make impressive profits on replens alone. For example, by strategically maintaining my replens’ prices, I once earned $10k on a single item during a Q4!

Amazon replens are the secret to sustainable profitability for Amazon FBA
Amazon replens are the secret to sustainable profitability for Amazon FBA

Use Amazon FBA Product Research to Find The Best Replens

Due to “Amazon replen secrecy,” the search for replens can be challenging. Finding the ‘mythical replen’ can feel like your own personal quest. 

The Best Amazon FBA Products Are Not Shared Online

Many experienced sellers guard their replen sources. That’s because publicly sharing their best Amazon FBA products can lead to price erosion when competitors flock to the same product, undercut the price, and flip it quickly. 

If you are in a private Amazon sellers community with people you trust, it’s okay to share replens. However, more often than not, you’ll need to uncover your own replen sources through Amazon FBA product research. Here’s how:

Where to Find the Best Products For Amazon FBA

Sellers frequently find replens at stores with consistent stock, such as Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Walmart. These retail giants are excellent places to scout for repeatedly purchased products. Big box stores consistently restock inventory or keep products on the shelves.

In contrast, seasonal or liquidation stores such as Grocery Outlet or Ollie’s might only offer a limited quantity a items for a limited time, making them a less ideal source for replen products.

How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

Step 1: Find Amazon FBA Products With Stable Profits

Finding profitable replens requires thorough Amazon FBA product research.

Use tools like Keepa to track a product’s price history. The best Amazon FBA products have a solid profit margin and stable price, giving them good replen potential. 

While sourcing, don’t forget to consider all associated costs, including preparation and shipping fees. You need to determine the true profit margin.

As you continue making sales and gaining experience, identifying replenishment products will become easier. I find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA are everyday items with consistent demand.

It’s essential to recognize that not all the best Amazon FBA products you source will turn into replens. Some of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA may only have seasonal demand, while others might fluctuate in price with market conditions.

A product might be an Amazon replen just for a season, for a year, or it might hold value for several years. Keep checking the product to see if the price has changed.

Remember, just because an item is tanking in price now doesn’t mean it will tank forever. Consistent test buys can help you gauge a product’s potential to become a replen.

Step 2: Test Buy an Amazon Replen

Test buys are typically 4-6 items, or as many as 12 if the product is very cheap. This initial test purchase helps assess the product’s potential as a replenishment item.

If the item starts selling well and the price remains steady, you can confidently buy more of the same product and send them to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

The key to turning a product into a replen is simply maintaining its price and repeatedly sending it in for fulfillment. Doing so establishes a reliable routine that makes your Amazon business more manageable and profitable.

Factors of Best Products For Amazon FBA & Amazon Replens

If your subsequent shipments continue selling, you can replen the product every week. The quantity will depend on these factors:

1. Product Availability

It’s easier to consistently restock items found in major retail chains like Walmart or Target. If it’s only available in specialty or boutique stores with limited stock, you might struggle with maintaining a steady supply.

2. Product Weight

A product’s weight is crucial for its replen viability. Lighter items incur lower shipping costs, making them more attractive for continuous restocking. Heavier products may impact profitability.

3. Required Product Pack & Prep

Evaluate the packing and preparation required to send the product to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Products with a complex or time-consuming prep processes can increase costs and hinder restocking efficiency, making it less suitable as a good Amazon FBA replen.

4. Level of Buy Box Competition

If many sellers are vying for the Amazon product listing buy box, it could lead to high price competition and reduced profit margins.

In contrast, fewer competitors provide a better chance of winning the buy box and maintaining a stable price for the Amazon replen product.

It can be hard to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA, but once you have a replen, selling gets a lot easier!
It can be hard to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA, but once you have a replen, selling gets a lot easier!

Can an Amazon Replen Have Multiple FBA Sellers?

The number of sellers on a listing doesn’t necessarily dictate the product’s success. The buy box rotates among sellers, and unique factors like shipping speed and costs can influence who wins it.

Sharing replen leads with trustworthy peers can be beneficial, but when a race to the bottom occurs due to aggressive price drops, stay vigilant and protect your profits.

Seasonal Amazon Replens

Seasonal replens are some of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA and a unique opportunity for recurring sales.

If a product sells well during a specific season, consider retesting it the following year to ensure continued success.

Once you know it will sell, grab the rest of the stock available because once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can stock up on seasonal replens as they return each year, allowing for long-term profitability.

Be aware that sometimes items can stop selling after years of success, so it’s always worth retesting.

How to Keep an Amazon Replen Product Profitable

Avoid a Price Race to the Bottom

It’s crucial to understand that replens are not for quick flips. Lowering prices to compete can lead to eroded profits and devalued products.

In 2022, Amazon witnessed an influx of sellers who engaged in aggressive price reductions, leading to slashed profits on many items. Hopefully, going forward, many of these sellers have failed or moved on, which will create more stable pricing.

Remember, winning the buy box isn’t solely about offering the lowest price; it’s just one of many factors considered by Amazon’s algorithm.

Focus on Fast, Affordable Shipping

Instead, focus on delivering products to customers quickly or offer free/affordable shipping options. Both these strategies positively impact your chance of securing the buy box.

Even selling items slightly higher than the current buy box price, like $5-10 over, can be a viable strategy when combined with exceptional customer service and fast fulfillment.

Consistently Restock Your Amazon Replen

There’s also no need to restock an Amazon replen every week. If you sell 1 or 2 units per week, sending replens every two weeks or only sourcing the replen when inventory levels drop to a certain threshold can be sustainable.

For example, a seller might send 10 units to the warehouse every time their inventory drops to 4 units.

Consider Pausing Your Replen

If new sellers come in with lower prices, resist the temptation to engage in a price race to the bottom. Instead, consider a temporary pause on selling that item until the rush blows over.

You will never have a replen if you immediately lower your prices and devalue your items.

Constantly evaluate the context and make decisions that preserve profitability and align with your business goals. By avoiding drastic price reductions and committing to delivering value to customers, you can cultivate a sustainable Amazon FBA business with profitable replen products.

Hot Tip

Replens are not a quick flip. The key to an Amazon replen is NOT lowering the price.

Start Selling the Best Amazon Products Today

Embracing the world of Amazon replens can unlock a steady and sustainable income stream for your business. While finding the best Amazon FBA products may require secrecy and hard work, the rewards are well worth it.

Remember, replens are not about quick flips, but about building a reliable business model that stands the test of time. 

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