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Nikki from Your Selling Guide Blog

Amazon Seller Success: Josh

Are you interested in selling on Amazon? If you find yourself wondering if it works, what exactly people are selling, and most importantly of all – are they really making money doing it – keep reading to hear another Amazon Seller Success story from Josh B. I’ve been selling on Amazon since June of 2017 and through it all, I’ve

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How to Handle an Amazon FBA Return: Policy, Fees, Abuse & FBM

Returns are part of running any kind of retail business. Since we run our businesses on Amazon’s platform, we need to adhere to the Amazon FBA return policy and process. At first, it’s confusing to know what to do when people return Amazon FBA products. As long as you’re responsive and know the process, you’ll be able to handle returns

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How to Use Keepa For Smart Retail Arbitrage Purchases

The key to succeeding in retail arbitrage is making profitable purchases. That’s why Keepa is my number one Amazon FBA tool for evaluating a product. Looking at Keepa graphs can be a bit confusing when you start. In this Keepa tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to use Keepa for Amazon FBA, explain the benefits of the premium plan, and

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Important Amazon Poly Bag Requirements for FBA Packaging

It’s important to follow Amazon FBA packing requirements, including Amazon poly bag requirements. When retail arbitrage sellers start out, they have a lot of questions about how to pack for Amazon FBA, and when it’s required to use a poly bag. If you follow a few simple rules, Amazon poly bag requirements are relatively straightforward. Using poly bags makes both

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How to Avoid & Remove an Amazon IP Complaint

IP complaints on Amazon seller accounts are a common Amazon FBA concern. In this post, I’ll teach you how to identify a brand that might send an Amazon IP complaint, tools you can use to avoid them, and how to reply if you ever receive one. To be honest, I do not worry much about IP complaints. So far, I

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Amazon Year-End Tax Reports

Year-End Tax Reports and Documents for Amazon Sellers Today we are talking about everyone’s favorite business topic, taxes! If you have sold over $600 dollars on Amazon, then you would need to add your Amazon business to your personal tax returns. In this post, I am walking you through what to gather for your CPA or tax professional. Note: I

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